Tensui Saryo

Tensui Saryo is a Japanese ryokan newly open in Gora Hakone, December 2016. Featuring bamboo crafts and beautiful flower patterned bed cloths, its beautiful interior designs are all inspired from the traditional Japanese art and nature.
You can view the beautiful Hakone mountains both from your rooms and the restaurant. The nature surrounds you wherever you go. Its fantastic landscape and the amazing Japanese hot spring will put you in awe.
Tensui Saryo is just 3-minute walk from Gora Station. Many Hakone attractions are within walkable distance or a few stations away, including Hakone Open-Air Museum, Gora Park, Hakone Museum of Art and Pola Museum.

Breathe within Every Season of the Nature in Japan

Not only the breathtaking view of Mountain Myojogatake, on every August 16th, you can see the "Hakone Gora Summer Festival - Daimonji Firing", a festival that has been continued for almost 100 years. Also many fireworks decorate the sky during then.

Natural Hot Spring from the Historical Edo Period

Our open-air hot spring uses natural hot spring water of Hakone Kiga Onsen area which its origin goes back to 12th century. It was known to heal serious diseases and to be chosen as one of the 7 Best Hakone Onsen in Edo Period. It is also effective for muscular fatigue, joint pain, neuralgia and decreased gastrointestinal function.

Furnitures Made From Hida Takayama Woods

Each room displays sofas that are made with Hida Takayama woods. Also the bed heads are made of a flat piece of natural wood, spreading its beautiful natural aroma and warmth, inviting our guests to the world of a more relaxing dream.

Taste of the Four Season

The seasonal ingredients are re-created into authentic Japanese dishes through the skills of our chefs. The food we provide is both visually and taste-wisely surprising.
At our live kitchen next to the counter with view, enjoy our just cooked cuisines at their best seasonality.

Colourful Stay with Traditional Japanese Art

Along with our food, you will notice our beautiful dishwares that are from Kutani and Arita regions famous for porcelain. These traditional dishwares will bring the taste of the food to a higher level.

Original Tensui Skincare Amenities

Using plant-derived cleansing composition, it is a mixture of argan oil and saké extract that contains natural moisturising effects and boosts the beauty of your skin and hair.