Japanese Traditional Beauty

Feel the Traditional Beauty of Japan

Glamorous and Distinct Beauty on Bed

Our bed throw with original antique design

The bed throws of our rooms are made of top quality, antique garments that have been loved from the very old days up to now, carefully handcrafted with all the heart of the craftsmen. Each room has different taste and themes. See the beauty passed from person to person over the time.


Relax Your Eyes with Nature-generated Lights

A mystical atomosphere through bamboo lamp shades

The bamboo lights at our property are all made by Chikaken Products Ltd., which create beautiful natural lamp shades based on the following three 'wa's - First wa(?), meaning to expand the relationship between people, second wa(?), meaning to strengthen their products' sustainability, and the third wa(?), a hope to spread beautiful Japanese culture to the world.


Authentic Paintings Create Relaxing Space

Local Japanese paints add colours to the Japanese beauty in Hakone

The paintings we are exhibiting in Tensui Saryo are from Gallery Swan, a group which supports the local artists from Kanagawa Prefecture. The oldest art can be as old as 60 years and recently have been getting spotlight from the crowd.