Open-air Onsen

An Unmissable Natural Japanese Hot Spring

Two types of hot springs with different spring quality are offered.

[Owakudani Onsen ]We prepare "Nigori-yu, the white cloudy hot spring water" of Owakudani with 100% overhead source. You can enjoy the famous hot spring which is also called “Bihada-yu, the beauty skin effect hot spring water” in open-air bath.

[Kiga Onsen] is a venerable hot spring that is said to have also been given to Shogun Tokugawa. - You can enjoy the private open-air bath in all rooms of Tensui Saryo Hanare.

Private Open-air Onsen Per Room

You can enjoy the wonderful private moment with the beautiful view at any time you want, from your open-air hot spring at your terrace.

Depending on your room type, your hot spring bath could be made with either black stone or woods. It may have foot bath as well. Enjoy different types of our onsen every time of your stay.

We hope you spend a peaceful time with your favourite person.

Shared Hot Spring

Gora Tensui has separate indoor bath, sauna, open-air hot spring for ladies and gentlemen each. It is said that the white colour from the open-air hot spring changes per season and time. The substance in our natural hot spring pulled from Owakudani is especially effective for boosting your skin beauty and healing your wounds.

Available Hours?3pm~12am(midnight), 6am~11am

?Please note, Gora Tensui is 1-minute walk from Tensui Saryo. To use their shared bath you have to leave the property to walk over.